Monday, March 19, 2007

I Think Blogging Just Died... the hands of TwitterVision.


P.S. I realized what TwitterVision reminds me of: Jake Scott's video for R.E.M.'s "Everybody Hurts". The "camera" movement is there, doing crazy global travelling shots this time and focusing on assorted mug shots with a few words providing unexpected insights into folks' minds -- like the video's "subtitles" did.

The scripted hurting part is missing of course, because people mostly chirp away, they don't get too personal.

Which is good.

And it is REAL, and it is in real time...

Of course it's fascinating.


Anonymous said...

Wow, that is very cool - thanks for the discovery. When did this thing get released? I'm always behind on stuff like that.

Small planet, eh? Now I can watch some twit in Venezuela downloading crappy music or some teenager in Japan venting the usual angst. Cool.

Maurice said...

you are unkind.

but the planet is small indeed...

Anonymous said...

You're right; my comments were unnecessary.

Back to work,
The Hobbesian

Maurice said...

i don't know about "unnecessary", but they were unkind.

to allow bitterness to veer off towards humanity at large -- or part thereof, "as seen on twittervision" -- is also very much against your professed character, as depicted in your blogger profile. the affiliation -- or, should i say, "affliction" -- is quite shocking.

i can understand your dislike of my überkritik persona; i built him so that he may elicit strong reactions and originate, as well as withstand, heavy fire in opinion wars. it was the name of the game. however, play it against me, not against yourself! instead of addressing the issues that made you come here with an attitude, you chose to commit virtual seppuku "in 140 characters or less", under my bewildered gaze.

kritik über alley

p.s. see, that's the mindset conducive to "twitter" -- a little lack of time, a little lack of patience, ease of use, and off we shoot a few lines that are going to let the world know "what we are doing/thinking". now, it can be stated in your defense that you had just witnessed that particular phenomenon, so you were under its influence when rattling off that cruelly synthetic view on interconnected humanity circa 2007...

Anonymous said...

Maurice, I think you misunderstood me this second time around; you had it right the first time - I was a jackass and regret it.

I actually **very** much enjoy your writing and agree with most of your opinions.

Rock on,

Maurice said...

sorry about the confusion then...

I actually **very** much enjoy your writing and agree with most of your opinions.

hey, thanks!

Rock on,

umm... that's more complicated, i'll blog about it later.